Parents Evenings

As an academy, we are in constant communication with parents so that we can make sure everybody has the most up to date information about our children and how we can best support them.

However, we formally meet with parents at various points throughout the academic year.

Autumn TermParents EveningThis is carried out in the first half term so that parents can have an opportunity to formally meet with their child’s teacher, who may be someone they have never met before. Important information about their child can be shared first hand and at one of the earliest possible opportunities.
SpringParents EveningThis is carried out halfway through the year. This meeting has more of a focus on how the child is progressing in the first half of their year, socially, academically, emotionally. Parents are given an opportunity to see the work that the children have completed. This meeting is timed so that parents have an accurate view of how their child is progressing and what they can do to further improve in the second half of the year.
SummerReports sent outA written report summing up the child’s year will be sent out in the final weeks of school. Parents will have the opportunity to discuss with teachers the contents of the report if they so wish.