Staff Roles and Responsibilities

Staff Roles and Responsibilities

2017 - 2018

Executive Principal and Head of Academy

Anne Elliott

Executive Principal

Sarah Clarkson

Head of Academy, LAC, Assessment, DDSG

Tom Herrick 

Vice Principal, Year 5/6 lead, Inclusion, Behaviour



Teaching Staff, TA's and Responsibilities

Year Group/Class


Area of Responsibility

Teaching Assistant /
Nursery Nurse

Nursery Spot

Gill Raithby

Nursery Nurse


Nursery Elmer

Jo Hooper

Nursery Nurse


Nursery The Hungry Caterpillar

Lorraine Bott

Nursery Nurse


Foundation 2

The Jolly Postman

Emma Attridge/Danni Stanford

Foundation lead (TLR)/KS1 maths lead

Sam Burke

Becky Chilton (am)

Cheryl Chilton (M, Th, F pm)

Foundation 2


Jess Yarborough

EAL lead

Kerry Nicholls

Laura Woodall

Foundation 2

Peter Rabbit

Rebecca Weston / 

Lyndsay Branch Evans 

SRE/ PHSE lead  

Ashley Paddison

Lauren Yarborough

Year 1

Paddington Bear

Janice Wilkinson 

 Art lead 

Dawn Howard

Year 1

Mickey Mouse

Leah Herrick / 

Laura Holtham

Phonic lead/ SPaG Lead 

Linda Frosdick

Cheryl Chilton am 

Year 1/2

Peter Pan

Julie Childs /

Louise Benson 

RE/KS1 ICT lead 

Sue Clifton

Jackie Osbourne

Year 2

Cat in the Hat

Jess Rastall

Science Lead


Jackie Skinner(not Fri) 

Anita Atkins


Year 2

Cheshire Cat

 Ashton Hinson

 Year 1/2 Lead and Writing Lead


Pat Jackson(am)

Cheryl Chilton (T, W pm) 


Year 3/4

Bill Gates

Phil Benson 

 Year 3/4 Lead and EVC (TLR)

 Julie Skelton


Year 3/4

The Wright Brothers

 Hannah Cornall

 Curriculum and SMSC lead  

 Debbie Rushby/Bev Blendall


Year 3/4

Thomas Edison

 Louise Martin

Literacy lead  

Jane Horsewood 


Year 3/4

Marie Curie

 Beth Wilson


 Diane Kelly


Year 3/4

Charles Babbage

 Kirstie Armitage

 Music lead

 Emma Lister


Year 5

Albert Einstein

 Alison Gibbs

 PE lead

 Karen Stringer(am)


Year 5

Nikola Tesla

 Pete Costall

 KS2 Maths lead


Debbie Holdsworth (not Fri)

Cheryl Favell (Fri am)


Year 5

Alexander Graham Bell

 Rebecca Gilchrist


Tracey Hall 


Year 6

Steve Jobs

 Tom Herrick/Kat Trownson

 VP and Y5/6 lead

 Jayne Osbourne
Cheryl Favell 


Year 6

Richard Branson

 Natalie Haigh/Kat Trownson ICT lead/MFL lead Katie Bown

Year 6

Walt Disney

 Lisa Hammond Reading Lead

 Mandy Adams /

Paula Walker



Other Teaching & Support Staff

Chris Suich

SEND Co-ordinator 

Karen Bradshaw

HLTA (PPA cover)

Jean Fleming

SEND intervention support 

Debbie Rushby

Reading Recovery (pm)

Karen Stringer

Reading Recovery (pm) 

Claire Wong

Counselling Therapy and Family Support Leader/Designated Safeguarding Lead

Tracy Griffin Learning Mentor
Simon Harrison Learning Mentor



Admin Staff

Polly Yarborough (Admin Manager)

Mica Shaw (Admin Officer)

Chloe Brown (Admin Officer)

Laura Frost (Admin Officer)

Nicola Spray (Attendance Welfare Officer)

John Burley (ICT Officer)




Midday Supervisors

Cheryl Chilton (Senior Midday Supervisor)

Bev Dunham

Rebecca McKenzie

Tina Walker

Kerry Nichols

Ann-Marie Mabbitt

Sarah Exley

Louise Bowers

Sarah Axworthy



Catering Assistants

Stella Kinnaird

Mandy Atkin

Diane Willerton

Mandy Short



Caretaking /
Cleaning Staff

Simon Welsh (Caretaker)

Donna Metcalf

Ann-Marie Mabbitt

Sue Cross

Dawn Downey

Julie Atmore

Andy Hickson

Tracey Thompson



You can also download our list of staff roles and responsibilities below too.